Enabling Technology to Enhance Service Delivery and Achieving Operational Efficiencies Student Affairs Tech Forum


Join us to learn how technology transforms the Division of Student Affairs into a leader at the University of Maryland, with effective and efficient strategies that keep information safe and facilitates collaboration between departments.

Upcoming Events

Let’s Talk about Big Data in Student Affairs

john Zacker

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs


Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
11:00 - 12:00 pm

Benjamin Banneker A - Room 2212
Adele H. Stamp Student Union


Previous Events

Dr. Eric L. Denna

Leveraging Technology to Accomplish the Mission of Student Affairs

Mark Lanks

Explore How the Clarice Uses Technology to Move Their Mission Forward

David Bullock

Using a Mobile App for Online Ordering

Scott Young

Partnering with IT staff for Process Automation

About Us

The 2014 - 2015 Student Affairs Technology Forums are planned by the SAIT Coordinating Committee, a team of IT professionals in the Division of Student Affairs.

  • Chair: Fuller Ming - Dining Services
  • Nora Czumak - Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Austin Kim - Dining Services
  • Stephanie Payne-Roberts - Adele H. Stamp Student Union
  • Dai-An Tran - Resident Life

Our Mission

The SA Tech Forums were introduced last year, to focus on new and emerging learning technologies, including blended learning, flipping the classroom, and other technologies. This year the focus shifts to how departments in the Division of Student Affairs can use technology to greatly enhance service delivery and create significant increases in efficiencies within and across our departments and the university.

The SAIT Coordinating Committee was responsible for planning this year’s forums in the hopes of enabling and empowering departments to utilize technology to improve service delivery and increase engagement with the people we serve. Through the SA Tech Forums, SAIT hopes to encourage Student Affairs professionals to be on the cutting edge of technology in our profession.

Each department provides a unique and vital function at the University of Maryland – to the students, faculty, and staff we serve. It is our duty to fulfill our departmental missions efficiently, effectively while contributing to a vibrant community at the University of Maryland.

SAIT has planned six one-hour sessions designed to stimulate, engage, and motivate Student Affairs professionals to find creative and innovative ways to use technology to accomplish our objectives. It is our hope that you come away with clear, actionable take-aways that can serve the needs of your departments and the campus community.